2K1BC Workshop
"Experimental Cosmology
at millimetre wavelengths"
July 9 - 12, 2001
Breuil-Cervinia (AO), Italy
2K1BC Web Page: http://oberon.roma1.infn.it/2K1BC

January 16, 2001

 Local Organising Committee:
M. De Petris, P. de Bernardis, R. Maoli, S. Masi, F. Melchiorri
Dipartimento di Fisica - Universita' La Sapienza - Roma - Italy
M. Gervasi, G. Sironi
Dipartimento di Fisica - Universita' di Milano Bicocca - Italy

 Scientific Organising Committee:
C. Castagnoli - Istituto di CosmoGeofisica - CNR - Torino - Italy
P. Encrenaz - Observatoire de Paris - DEMIRM - Paris - France
E. Kreysa - Max Planck Institut fur Radioastronomie - Bonn - Germany
P. Lubin - University of California at Santa Barbara - California - USA
P.L. Richards - University of California at Berkeley - California - USA

M. De Petris
marco.depetris@roma1.infn.it - tel/fax +39-06-49914690
M. Gervasi
massimo.gervasi@mi.infn.it - tel +39-02-64482829

Workshop Secretary
Mrs. Fernanda Lupinacci
Dipartimento di Fisica - Università La Sapienza - P.le A.Moro,2 - 00185 Rome, Italy
tel. +39-06-49914305 - fax +39-06-4453397

 General Information

The 2K1BC Workshop "Experimental Cosmology at millimetre wavelengths" will be held during July 9 - 12, 2001 in Breuil-Cervinia (AO - Val d'Aosta) Italy. The aim of this Workshop is to present the current status and discuss real high performance experiments devoted to exploring the sky at millimetre wavelengths. The improvements in all the items of a specific instrument have made it possible to reach observational targets up until now improbable.
Everyone who has "hands on" experimental topics concerning cosmological observations in the millimetre range and the theoreticians that have practical suggestions for experimentalists concerning research areas not well explored yet are welcome!
All the aspects of an experimental set-up should be explored: instruments, ground and space platforms, detectors, optics, cryogenics, electronics, data acquisition, data reduction and analysis.
A presentation of recent data is welcome.

 Call for Participation

We would like to invite all interested colleagues to participate in this Workshop. Oral sessions will consist in invited talks and several contributed talks. Other contributed papers will be presented in the poster sessions.
Please fill in the Registration Form (see 2K1BC WEB page) with your contribution title and abstract.


Those who are interested in attending the Workshop are invited to visit our Web page (http://oberon.roma1.infn.it/2K1BC) where you can find the Registration Form. This form has to be filled in and returned by fax or mail to Workshop Secretary before the deadline.
The registration of 150 EURO (150 USD) is including of attendance kit, coffee breaks and proceedings.

                  APPLICATION DEADLINE: APRIL 2nd, 2001


Breuil-Cervinia is in a wonderful position at the bottom of the Matterhorn Mountain (Cervino) at 2050 m a.s.l. and ensures a warm welcome to foreigners with its long tourist experience. Several hotels are available with special prices for 2K1BC Workshop participants. Please check in the Web page your hotel preferences and communicate them by mail to the Workshop Secretary.


 Preliminary Programme

Indicative talk time
Invited talks:          40 minutes, with  5 minutes discussion.
Contributed talks:  30 minutes, with  5 minutes discussion.

The programme will be available in the Web page asap.

 Accompanying Persons Information

Fun events will be planned for accompanying persons. Certain costs will apply. Please fill in the Registration Form accompanying persons line for events and cost information. This is simply an informal survey to see how many accompanying persons will be at the meeting. Note that by ticking this box you/they are not committed to attend the events. Some events need a minimum of participants. Please register as soon as possible. If you would like more information on the events then send an e-mail to the Workshop Secretary.