Poster Session 

The Poster Session will be held at the Hotel EUROPA close to the Registration On Site (ROS) desk.
It should be visited for all the duration of the Workshop but a dedicated time for Poster reading and discussion will be reserved in the Programme.
Each Poster Contributor has an available 100x100 cm panel.
During the ROS period [16:00 - 18:00 of Sunday July 8th  and 8:00 - 9:00 of Monday July 9th] it will be possible to expose the posters.
Ask to the ROS desk for your reserved panel.

List of Poster Titles & Authors

Poster Session 
(Hotel EUROPA)
Thursday 12, July - 17:00 - 18:30
Poster author Poster title Abstract Link
S. Ali MBI: Millimeter Wave Bolometric Interferometer abstract
I. Aretxaga Constraints on the accuracy of millimetre - FIR photometric redshifts abstract
E. Battistelli MASTER: millimetre and sub-millimetre three heterodyne receivers abstract
V. Bujakas The infrared telescope for Submillimetron Mission abstract
E. Chapin Telescope simulations of wide-area millimetre and submillimetre surveys abstract
X. Dupac Optimal map-making methods for large CMB timelines abstract
E. Gleeson Electromagnetic Modelling of Few-Moded Winston Cones in the Far-Infrared abstract
G. Morgante Two Hydrogen Sorption Cryocoolers for the Planck Mission abstract
F. Nati A fast star sensor for balloon borne payloads abstract
E. Palladino Spatial features of non-thermal SZ effect in galaxy clusters abstract
E. Pascale TBD abstract
D. Puy SZ effect and Geometry of Galaxy Clusters abstract
M. Ralievich/D. Urzagasti Chacaltaya Mountain: An option for astrophysical observations abstract
L. Reichertz Fast Scanning: a new observing technique with detector arrays abstract
V. Reveret A fully sampled bolometer camera for ground submillimeter observations abstract
G. Romeo Wide-Sky High-Precision Sun Angle Detector abstract
M. Sandri Optical interface of the Planck Low Frequency Instrument abstract
G. Savini TBD abstract
G. Siringo PolKa: a tunable polarimeter for mm/submm wavelenghts abstract
V. A. Soglasnova The spectral filters for astronomical observations through the atmospheric windows abstract
M. Spergel A Center for Cosmic Structure abstract
L. Terenzi Planck-LFI: Sources quick identification abstract