Boomerang-related links
U. La Sapienza, Rome
U. Toronto
Brendan Crill's Boom98 travelogue
Tutorials on the CMB

UCLA (Ned Wright)
IAS (Wayne Hu)
IAS (Max Tegmark)
Fermilab (Scott Dodelson)
MAP satellite, at Goddard Spaceflight Center
CMB related software packages
CAMB (A. Lewis and A. Challinor)
CMBFAST (U. Seljak and M. Zaldarriaga, IAS)
HEALPIX (K. Gorski et al)
MADCAP (J. Borrill, NERSC)
RADPACK (Lloyd Knox, U.Chicago)
Lists of other CMB experiments
At the MAP satellite technical info page
At Max Tegmark's data analysis center