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M.A.D. (Multi Array Detector)

MAD 4 (pixels) MITO (Millimeter-Infrared Testagrigia Observatory) is a multipixel photometer with 4-simultaneous spectral bands. MAD is born as the upgrade of the existing instrument currently at the MITO facility. Thanks to the experience obtained with this instrument in cryogenic, mechanic and electronic fields, we think to be able to reduce considerably construction and testing times.
It's scientific purpose is that of measuring Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect and anisotropies in the Cosmic Background Radiation, and with further implementation set some interesting limits on the polarized background.
MAD, as it's predecessor, will employ a double-stadium refrigerator (combined He3 and He4) with it's optic box of 4 sets of 9 detectors (each with it's own Winston cone) in the upper part of the instrument, to facilitate it's estraction. Multi-mesh beamsplitters will separate radiation in it's converging path from the last optical element (lens or mirror) to the refocalizing plane (where the cone entrances are).

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